Kerr no strong contender amongst fifa presidential candidates

Kerr no strong contender amongst fifa presjarvees.comidential can더킹카지노didates? We’ll let you decide. — Tom Steyer (@TomSteyer) December 27, 2017

It’s not just Trump who thinks that the election is rigged. Former President Bill Clinton also has been tweeting about the possibility of rigged elections.

We have to think of the Russian hacking story from the perspective of a hacker in the field. The Trump campaign, they are all hacks. I don’t think you guys ever got to see my emails. They could hack and break into my email, but they wouldn’t hack and break into my body. — Bill Clinton (@GovBillClinton) December 27, 2017

Clinton went on to claim in an email that she did not believe Trump’s assertion that she would have won «despite» Russia’s hacking campaign against her campaign.

I think we will find out tomorrow what Trump said on that. — Bill Clinton (@GovBillClinton) Decemb우리카지노er 27, 2017

This is not the first time Trump has questioned whether there is a «rigged» election in the U.S.

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